In the midst of a global pandemic, economic insecurity and resource challenges, the world needs prepared leaders more than ever.

Honoring the legacy of Dr. Dorothy I. Height, an iconic member of the civil rights and women’s rights movement, IBWPPI is proud to establish a global leadership academy designed to prepare young women to be agents of change by challenging the systems that oppress and disenfranchise Black women and girls. IBWPPI is prepared to ready the next generation of global leaders and advocate for their deployment into non-traditional spaces as well as newly expanded industries, such as Cyber Security and Trade that will provide opportunities for their uniquely effective leadership model.

Welcome to:

The Dorothy I. Height (DIH)
Global Leadership Academy

A six-month training program for women
of African descent who have:

A 4-year bachelor’s degree from a college or university.
(exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for women with comparable experiences and who are already making changes.) 

A willingness to lead from the front and back, understanding there is value in both.

A desire for social justice and change that will enhance the lives of Black women, girls and their communities. 

A desire to improve the outcomes for marginalized groups through policy development and acts of kindness.

A commitment to academic and experiential excellence.

With an emphasis on character development, cultural competence, and gender diplomacy, the DIH Global Leadership Academy will focus on the unique qualities of female leadership and the demonstrated abilities women possess to work across perceived barriers such as age, background, political and organizational affiliations, race and class. Candidates will develop the foundational and professional acumen necessary to operate on the world stage through real-time guidance, mentoring and collaborative learning. The program is designed to highlight the importance of character building and human connection.

DIH Global Leadership Academy will meet virtually, one full Saturday per month, with interactive classroom lectures, breakout sessions and monthly group projects, that are designed to reinforce the lecture and required readings. Each applicant will be paired with an accomplished global leader who will provide virtual professional coaching throughout the program. Upon completion of the six months, applicants will receive a certificate of completion along with an official letter of recommendation, to be used in any official capacity. A commencement ceremony will be held in June or July, hosted by one of our international affiliates. The commencement ceremonies will include an opportunity for candidates to present their collaborative and individual policy proposal on a topic of their choice. The ceremonies will give our graduates “A Seat at the Table” with high ranking officials to ask questions and engage in meaningful dialogue. This face to face meeting with world leaders is a most coveted benefit of this program.

The candidates will have an opportunity to travel to each of our affiliate campuses in the US and Africa. (All applicants must have a current passport by the end of the program.)

The faculty of the DIH Global Leadership Academy includes former and current members of governments, senior corporate and business leaders, senior academic leaders and experts in social justice and social change. Our subject matter experts have decades of experience and knowledge they are prepared to share with the academy’s participants. These leaders live out a common belief that the transference of knowledge and wisdom is the most important gift we can give to the next generation of world leadership.

The faculty is led by an academic dean and supported by an academy administrator.

The DIH Global Leadership Academy will begin on January 16, 2021, with a class of 12 candidates maximum. For Admissions Apply Here. Classes begin in January through June 2021, culminating in a commencement ceremony in July 2021.

An application fee of $50 is required upon application submission. The program fee is $ 1,250.00 USD, which includes program materials, and registration. Applicants are responsible for purchasing all books on the required reading list ( 3-6) books. Once accepted all applicants must pay the full tuition prior to the program start. Applicants will also be responsible for her own travel and lodging expenses for commencement.

Limited scholarships are available based on demonstrated need. All credit cards are accepted.

Our Faculty

Lena Kennedy

Lena Kennedy

CEO/President: L.L. Kennedy & Assoc.

Life Mission Statement:
Everyone is of value & has something to contribute.

Tina McKinnor

Tina McKinnor

Founder/President: The McKinnor Group

Life Mission Statement:
To prepare African American women for leadership in public policy, government and public affairs

Maxine Attong

Maxine Attong

Executive Coach/Leadership Specialist

Life Mission Statement:
To fuel the leadership spark that reside in all of us.

Hon. Katherine Smith

Hon. Katherine Smith

Managing Director: Disaster Reconstruction Authority Founder/Chairman: GirlCon Organization

Life Mission Statement:
To advocate for, inspire & empower girls to be more;
And empower them to live without limits.

Dr. Avis Jones

Dr. Avis Jones

CEO/President: Incite Unlimited, LLC Founder: Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women

Life Mission Statement:
A barrier-breaking women committed to helping women maximize their career potential while building a personal life they love

Barbara A. Perkins

Barbara A. Perkins

Founder/President: -Image Builders Etcetera -Sisters at the Well, Inc. -Int’l Black Women’s Public Policy Institute

Life Mission Statement:
To develop and elevate Black Women Leaders

Norberta Noguera

Norberta Noguera

Assistant Vice President: Transport Delivery Excellence

Life Mission Statement:
To be an advocate for improving the customer experience by motivating her team to provide a solution-based approach to problem solving.

Monorvi Asampong

Monorvi Asampong

Founder: Centre for Executive Training & Development (CETAD)

Life Mission Statement:
To promote women in entrepreneurship through training and development workshops.

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Course Descriptions

Session 1

Public Policy and Ethical Leadership

Preparing to lead in the public policy arena requires both the ability to think at a systems level and identify points of entry for change and impact. The ability to turn needs into public policy and build the coalition necessary for its drafting, promotion and adoption requires a unique set of skills.  This course provides the fundamentals of what is public policy and the ethical grounding to be an effective leader and advocate.  Topics included are legal considerations when operating within a tradition nonprofit, the importance of lobbying and external affiliations.

Session 2

Fundamentals of Coalition Building and New Industries Post Covid-19

Public policy is an endeavor that requires the ability to build coalitions and persuade unlikely allies to share a common goal. Being both fearless, diplomatic and principle-centered pragmatist makes for an effective coalition builder. This course provides the skills necessary to be an effective ethically centered coalition builder in service to a desired public policy agenda. 

Covid-19 has brought about new challenges and opportunities for Black women to chart new paths in non-traditional industries often prevented by  common barriers.  Industries such as Cyber Security and International Trade are both desirable and lucrative industries that would benefit from the leadership models of Black Women.

Session 3

Dialogue and Problem Solving for Leaders

This course is aimed at teaching the importance of dialogue as an important tool of leadership. The world has demonstrated rapidly changing environments that have impacted the way we integrate and co-habitat. We have witnessed global instability with changing demographic, advance technology and economic insecurity.  Global warming, Cyber Attacks and under prepared talent pools are threats  to our essential institutions.

Students will gain knowledge on how to become strong problem-solvers  for the most vulnerable population and through the effective use of dialogue help to solve common world problems.

Session 4

Philanthropy, Charity and Funding

This course is aimed at understanding traditional fund raising.  Writing winning proposals and creating sustainable funding streams for causes.  It examines best practices,  donor behaviors and market changes post Covid19. The focus of this course is on donor satisfaction and engagement. How to tap into the beliefs and ideas of generosity and kindness. The course also examines, the shared goals and responsibilities of public funding for both private and public programs domestic and international.

Session 5

Organizing, Activism and Campaigns

To be an effective public policy advocate requires the ability to understand  issues, design and implement action strategies, effective messaging and good communication plans. Candidates will be guided through the complexities and distinction between these activities.  The subject matter experts who will facilitate this session will also provide opportunities for engagement for each candidate via a current grassroots movement or a more advanced and mainstream campaign. Models for world organizing will be closely examined and discussed.

Session 6

Models of Black Women’s Leadership

Black Women are transforming the world. There is no one size fits all model of leadership, however, Black women have used  culture and gender diplomacy as tools for their success.  This course will examine Black Women who demonstrate exemplary leadership throughout the diaspora, in government, academia, public policy, media, technology and the nonprofit sectors.

Candidates will have an opportunity to meet with women Influencers and find out first-hand what motivates them. Each candidate in the program will be paired with a dynamic leader who will provide coaching for the duration of the program.   We know that Black Women are severely underrepresented in senior leadership positions, and this program will help to change that.

Saturday Session Dates

January 16  – Session 1: Public Policy and Ethical Leadership

February 20  – Session 2:  Fundamentals of Coalition Building and New Industries Post Covid-19

March 20 – Session 3:  Dialogue and Problem Solving for Leaders

April 17 – Session 4: Philanthropy, Charity and Funding 

May 15 – Session 5:  Organizing, Activism and Campaigns 

June 19 – Session 6:  Models of Black Women’s Leadership

July 17 Tentative Commencement Ceremony

Payment Options

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